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Re: Obrigado!

In a message dated 3/6/0 11:11:09 PM, jodf2@uol.com.br writes:

>A todos aqueles que já entraram em contato muito obrigado.
>Muito em breve realizaremos o primeiro encontro de fãs do Sérgio Aragones
>no Brasil.Àqueles que não falam minha lingua eu pesso desculpas, mas essa
>mensagem não é destinada a vocês.

Oh no, I'm gonna preach twice in one night! I'll keep it short, I hope?

They call it the WORLD wide web for a reason. We've got Groopers, Groopies 
and others from all over the globe who are more than happy to converse with 
us in English; far be it from me to tell a Groo Fan that they can't use this 
forum to find other Groo Fans unless they speak English. 

It doesn't bother me if I can't understand what they say, I just move on the 
the next post!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik Of Entropy