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Re: Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

--- SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 3/6/0 9:03:02 AM,
> ozkhaar@hotmail.com writes:
> >Yeah, you look like a poor guy (which the large
> house and shining car truly
> >proves). I'm sure you'll need those dollars for
> your survival.
> One of the things that I admire about the Groop is
> the almost complete lack 
> of flames (hate email and the like).
> Ozkhaar, you have every right to disagree with
> others in the Groop, but 
> PLEASE don't get so nasty. The Groop is about
> laughter; let's keep it that 
> way.
> -Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy

Yeah, you would say that, Larry, you mendicant you!

-- A2SG, pouring gasoline laced with laughing gas....

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