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Re: My response to Ozkhaar

Hi all!

First of all I do not HATE anyone, its just the act; or the possibility of it. I dont like it, thats all. Sorry if I hurt you Jason, but beeing able to SELL original art for a lot of money in order to profit (its for "hard times" isnt it?) is not right. And what I meant about selling art you havnt paid for, I do think that a lucky drawn original is "not paid for". I wouldnt react if the art was sold for a non-winning purpose. Im not saying that Sergios art is nothing worth, but selling his gifts for several hundred dollars are not fair; not for the artist or the buyer. Those who cannot get original arts wouldnt have to pay that much for something so "little", and Sergio doesnt get a single kopin: lets face it ALOT of Sergio art is beeing sold for ALOT of money, mostly on Ebay (where I have seen many such auctions lately; therefore my, perhaps not righteous, agrressive attitude).
The only one who gains anything from an auction like this is the seller.

Hope I didnt miss anything,


Otherwise Im also in for all the kisses and laughter but one have to have the right of beeing angry sometimes.

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