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Re: (no.2) Re: My response to Ozkhaar

What he did was asking us not to be mad at him for selling 
>his free Sergiodrawing for alot of money, since he knew we dislike such 

~~~ Jason needs this money to LIVE.  He's not some greedy shop owner who
got Sergio to do a sketch just so he could sell it.  Don't you get it?   I
don't know what personal crisis Jason is having, but what's he supposed to
do?  sleep in the gutter, but have a really great Sergio sketch?  

Oh look, isn't that Jason?  My god, he's dead on the side of the road...
but look!  Clutched in his hand is his Sergio sketch..... he didn't sell
it... what a noble chap!

Please...Fer Chissakes man, give it up. 

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