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RE: merchandise GROO

Dennis:  I attempted to email RAPID EYE PROD. last week -- no response
as yet but I also did not receive a kick-back message saying it was
"undeliverable", so perhaps they're still in biz.

DUNNO!  Goalielover

> ----------
> From: 	Dennis White[SMTP:dennisw@jsav.com]
> Sent: 	7-Mar-2000 10:12
> To: 	groop@groo.com
> Subject: 	merchandise  GROO
> At one time there was a company in California called  "Rapid Eye
> Productions".  They did embroidered hats shirts, and jackets with the
> GROO logos and such. Does anyone know if they are still in existance
> and
> if so how to get hold of them.