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Re: My response to Ozkhaar

Hi Groop,

I've been silently lurking for months now, but I feel compelled to speak up
about the current matter.  First off, Lets please revert back to the
pleasant funny groo messages, and secondly, although I can't see myself
paying a bunch for a sketch card (which I would love to have) I'm glad that
after all of the years that sergio and mark have been publishing groo, some
of the items that they created, especially the rarer ones are worth
something, if not to everyone, then at least to those who worship groo and
his creators. I think it speaks highly of Sergio and Mark.  Mulch, cheese
dip, Arfetto, Chakkal, dessesbo, etc.     -BassClef2000

>Hi all!
>First of all I do not HATE anyone, its just the act; or the possibility of 
>it. I dont like it, thats all. Sorry if I hurt you Jason, but beeing able to 
>SELL original art for a lot of money in order to profit (its for "hard 
>times" isnt it?) is not right. And what I meant about selling art you havnt 
>paid for, I do think that a lucky drawn original is "not paid for". I 
>wouldnt react if the art was sold for a non-winning purpose. Im not saying 
>that Sergios art is nothing worth, but selling his gifts for several hundred 
>dollars are not fair; not for the artist or the buyer. Those who cannot get 
>original arts wouldnt have to pay that much for something so "little", and 
>Sergio doesnt get a single kopin: lets face it ALOT of Sergio art is beeing 
>sold for ALOT of money, mostly on Ebay (where I have seen many such auctions 
>lately; therefore my, perhaps not righteous, agrressive attitude).
>The only one who gains anything from an auction like this is the seller.
>Hope I didnt miss anything,
>Otherwise Im also in for all the kisses and laughter but one have to have 
>the right of beeing angry sometimes.
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