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Re: merchandise GROO

wow Gary ... now I'm REALLY impressed ... you REALLY do know every minute detail
about anything even remotely relating to Groo ... guess you're not called
dessesbo for nothing !

bennido aka kool kat

Subject:  Re: merchandise  GROO

It's not so much that they "went out of business" as they (a husband and
wife team from Ojai) decided to "move on to other things."  That's the term
he used.  Their remaining inventory, (which wasn't much) was turned over to
Sergio with the idea that he would sell them at conventions.

This was a tiny operation by a young couple, one of whom is an artist, with
experience in graphic arts and the embroidery business.  The actual
embroidery was done overseas, but Steve and Mi Lia were literally working
out of their garage.   So, unfortunately, there isn't anything or anyone to
track down unless you can find someone who bought the items who is willing
to sell them.  -Gary G.