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In a message dated 3/8/0 6:47:38 AM, gcraill@stc.com.sa writes:

>Norton Anti Virus with virus definitions newer than Feb 20th will quarantine
>this file automatically, unfortunately for me it did not stop email from
>forwarding it to everyone on my email address book.

One form of protection that I have to keep ME from unwittingly forwarding a 
virus of this sort is very simple. In my address book, I make sure that every 
email address starts with the a bogus letter or number. For instance, 
gcraill@stc.com.sa would be listed as something like Qgcraill@stc.com.sa, 
groop@groo.com would be Qgroop@groo.com, and so on. Whenever I send email to 
an address from my book, I just take the extra time to delete the first 

Really, it's no big hardship; even if I send to 30 people, that's at most 
30-60 seconds of precaution. I heartily recommend this. (Needless to say, if 
it's publicized on the entire Internet that, for example, everyone should put 
a Q in front of their address, some deviant genius will send out a virus that 
automatically deletes the Q first, so everyone should personalize this method 
as they see fit, varying letters, maybe putting it last instead of first, 

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy