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Who's back? I'm back!

Ok, after over a month without a computer, I'm finally up and running
with my brand spanking-new PIII-600.  I've still got almost 200 messages
to sort through (I started with 600+ last week!), and I still have a
bunch of data (old e-mail boxes and such) to transfer from my old
computer, but I'm glad to be back in the Groove.

For all the newbies - I've been a member of the Groop for far too long.
In fact, I was the first person to subscribe after Josh created the list
several years ago.  I maintian the Unoffical Sergiography, which is an
effort to catalogue every single Sergio Aragones' peice of work,
appearance, imitation, and whatever.  It has a website at:
but it is sorrily out of date because of my recent computer problems.
You can find an OLD online version of the list at Ronny's Norweigan

All best,

BTW, Borje - can you please e-mail me your home address so I can send
you your mouse pads.