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back issue sources

Mark Brown wrote:
> Eclipse special #1 arrived this morning in a nice spanking USPS
> envelope... !!  Hurrah !!
> All I need now is a #27 Epic Illustrated and the Epics are all mine.
> HA HA HA HA HA - ALL MINE YOU HEAR  - MINE ...!!!!    (anyone gota
> spare they could bear parting with ?)

Since Mark asked if there was life before ebay...   :)

Check out That's Entertainment & Mile High Comics. I think Groopers have
done well with both in locating some Groo back issues. www.thatse.com &
www.milehighcomics.com respectively I think. Should help Goalielover as


PS Notice how there's never any computergeeklovers or
comicbookfanboylovers! *sigh*