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Re: Cheese Dip Recipe

What I do is mixing several sorts of cheese (60% fat ideally), with a
big proportion of cheddar, my favourite kind of cheese. Then you
buy/prepare the nachos/totopos/tortillas or whatever you call them. You
can also buy jalapenos/gherkins and add them to the mixture of hot
cheese, to make it a real cheesedip experience. In brief, you only need
to heat the cheese in a pan or recipient, serve it with the jalapenos
(optional) and dip the totopos in it. 
I guess Groo skips the dipping and all, he just uses his hands, lips,
teeth (and nose) to eat the cheese, though he wouldn't say no to lizards
or worms dipped in it.
There is another recipe from Europe, called fondue, using Gruyere and
Emmental and then you dip fried bread in it, but personally I prefer the
other one.
Dani Cortes, exposing his gourmet side
PS Math lovers can tell us how many times I used the word "cheese" here,
though I'm not going to count them.