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Re: Groo Mouse Pad on Ebay

Hmmm I think we should just keep an eye out. If this is like a one time deal then its a fan
who made a mousepad and wants to get rid of it. But if we start seeing more and more
of these mousepads then this person is probably breaking some copyright and trademark
laws by trying to profit via auctions products/goods manufactured with Groo relation to it
without the permission of the creators.
Anyway, more or less I don't think its a huge problem if 1 unique item is made by a fan
and then maybe given away or sold but if it becomes commonplace then someone
is illegally trying to profit from something they have no right too. Then again I also
find it odd that if anyone took the time to make a Groo item for themselves why
would they want to abandon it. The question of motive is always interesting to ask....
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Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 8:59 AM
Subject: Groo Mouse Pad on Ebay

Hi Folks!

Check out the ebay item below.  It's not someone selling one of our
mousepads, but some yo-yo who just made one.  I know that Mark has typically
said something to the effect that these little individual efforts are too
numerous and small to be worth the trouble of him even contacting the
person, but surely we in the Groop can come up with some creative and subtle
way (hee-hee) of discouraging this guy.

It's been a while since a Groo bootleg item has popped up. There have been
homemade buttons and magnets in the past.  But given all the work that Ruben
and Nate put into our Groop mousepads and, of course, that we got the proper
permission from Mark & Sergio, this particular bootleg item really bugs me!
What does everyone else think?  -Gary G.