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Re: A Groop Opinion.

I've heard that large sums of cash do wonders if you can afford it.

Shane Clarke wrote:

> I have a question that I'm desperately seeking an answer for.
> (This is all hypothetical of course)
> Let's say there was this really good comic book series that you were
> reading. When lo and behold, the creator/publisher stopped the series
> without finishing it. Basically, leaving the reader not only wanting for
> more, but not even able to get a resolution on the current story. (I guess
> a good example would be "Storyteller" by Barry Windsor-Smith.) Though he
> claims it is the fault of Dark Horse, and not his fault, he has yet to
> finish the great series. I have been waiting for three years to finish this
> story.
> So, my question: "What would you, as the reader of such a comic, do to
> motivate the creator/publisher to finish the story or series that was left
> hanging?"
> (This should be good!)