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Re: Groo & Lint

especially when I got to the part about Nate
>being Glorko's & my love child.  

~~~ Wow!  My second mention ever in GROO (after grumblegrumble years...) !
And this time I had nothing to do with it!

>I read The Lint McCree Mysteries #1 and I thought it was great!  Cool art, I
>like all the different angles, and an excellent story, well told and with a
>fun basis.  AND  there are some Groopie references, including a
>one-panel-appearance-character named Grossmann (with two N's even!)  Gee,
>thanks Nate!  Too bad the character won't be recurring.  hee-hee.

~~~ You're welcome!  Actually, 6 groop folks are mentioned in the book, as
well as a few sneaky references to THE WHOLE ENCHILADA, and even a tribute
to GROO, I used the sound effect, FLOOM! on page 23.

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