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Re: Groo & Lint

What's this Lint McCree Mysteries about ? Is it a comic book I can buy off the
shelf ?

bennido aka kool kat

To:   groop@groo.com
cc:    (bcc: Benny Ng/Sydney SPL/Group)

Subject:  Groo & Lint

Hi Folks!

Just picked up Groo #3, but I haven't read it yet, so I can't read Larry's
message and I'll be gone for two days, so darn!!!  However, I did jump to
the back and look at GrooGrams while I was still in the comic shop to see
which of you guys were in it this month!  (Obviously, I had my moment of
glory last month!) It has become a very entertaining activity and this time
around I got to tell all the people in the store about the whole
Chris-Glorko/Zoltron story AND about Larry, so it was particularly fun.
Some of the people know me and some were total strangers and while the store
owner & employee & regulars were laughing their heads off, others were
giving me very strange looks, especially when I got to the part about Nate
being Glorko's & my love child.  What a blast!  And now I'll have Groo #3
with me while I'm stuck in a motel in Wenatchee tommorrow night.   I'd
rather have my wife there, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I read The Lint McCree Mysteries #1 and I thought it was great!  Cool art, I
like all the different angles, and an excellent story, well told and with a
fun basis.  AND  there are some Groopie references, including a
one-panel-appearance-character named Grossmann (with two N's even!)  Gee,
thanks Nate!  Too bad the character won't be recurring.  hee-hee.

Anywho, take care all -Gary G.