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RE: squirrel.....

My name is Javier. I don´t writer English. I`m from Barcelona. (Spaninsh)
Espero que tengais paciencia ya que no tengo mucha idea de ingles
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De: Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com>
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Fecha: Martes, 14 de Marzo de 2000 03:59 p.m.
Asunto: Re: squirrel.....

>How old is old?  I'm an older grooper who listens to nothing but Death
>. . .
>>From: "Gabriel Owens" <dweezil33@hotmail.com>
>>To: groop@groo.com
>>Subject: Re: squirrel.....
>>Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 11:24:50 PST
>>Being the metal head that I am, I'm sure any death metal would fry the
>>brains of a lot of our older gropers...
>>Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!
>>"All the b**** did was not die!" - Optimus Prime on Arcee's birthday,
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