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two things..

Number 1:
	Mark suggested I modify the groo mailing list so all messages coming
from it automatically get [something] pre-pended to the subject. If
that's okay with everyone I will look into getting it to say [groop] in
front of each subject. This is for easy filtering!

Number 2:
	I bought #3 today at the comic store, whee! Also they had epic number 1
and 2 there and I bought them both! I've already got them a few times
over though, so I bought them for the sole purpose of reselling to
anybody on the list who doesn't already have them (or only has one of
each?). I'm offering them for $20 total including shipping to the U.S.
The first person to email me that you want em gets em! Payment will be
through paypal.com so you gotta be a U.S. resident (or know one)..