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Re: FTP server favour...

The name of the required cable is a "Null Modem Cable".

After you transfer your files, you can also use the same cable to hook 2 PCs
together and play Multiplayer games (like Quake or Diablo) with a pal. But be
warned, it'll cause a serious negative effect in your sleep and social life. :)

bennido aka kool kat

To:   Ruben Arellano <ruben@oanet.com>
cc:   groop@groo.com (bcc: Benny Ng/Sydney SPL/Group)

Subject:  Re: FTP server favour...

Hi Ruben,
    The last time I upgraded my computer I used the
direct cable connection protocol contained in windows
95.  It requires the proper cable; available from most
computer shops, and goes between the parallel (printer)
ports.  It was not difficult to set up and allows you
to transfer everything to the new computer.  You have
to allow file sharing and after files are transferred
it is a good idea to disable the sharing before you go
on line.  The cable I have says "parallel file transfer
cable" (allows 2 pc's to share files via cable)