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Re: FTP server favour...

It's called RS232 cable (you can ask the computer shop
for a lap link cable, he will understand it's RS232
cable)  The cable is like the printer cable but has
the same kind of socket on both ends which are male
socket.  So as I wrote earlier, you can use the direct
connection as Bunny said or use lap link software such
as LL3 or its windows version.  If you don't know how
to do it, ask a friend who knows or go to the nearest
computer shop for assistance.  The other method is
take out the hard disk from the old computer,
attach/mount it in the new PC and make it as slave
hard disk. (your new computer hard disk is the master)
Then you can just copy the files to the old hard disk.


"bj.trapp" wrote:

>    The last time I upgraded my computer I used the
>direct cable connection protocol contained in windows
>95.  It requires the proper cable; available from
>computer shops, and goes between the
>ports.  It was not difficult to set up and allows you
>to transfer everything to the new computer.  You have
>to allow file sharing and after files are transferred
>it is a good idea to disable the sharing before you
>on line.  The cable I have says "parallel file
>transfer cable" (allows 2 pc's to share files via
>cable) Bunny

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