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RE: Another stumper for M.E.

I really like "Poisoning Pigeons.."  but my favorite of his is "The
Masochism Tango".  I have both on the Dr. Demento 20th anniv. CD

     -- "Oh boy is this great!!!"

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>"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" off the "An Eveneing Wasted with Tom Lehrer"
>album has always been one of my favorites.  -Gary G.
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>> At 11:48 AM 3/22/00 -0800, Mark Evanier wrote:
>> >On Wed, 22 Mar 2000 10:04:26 -0800, Shane Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>
>> >wrote:
>> >
>> > >Have you ever had the chance to meet Tom Lehrer?
>> >
>> >ME: Nope.  You got me on that one.
>> But, I do assume you know of the man! = )
>> I'd love to hear some stories about Tom Lehrer. Not the kind you read in a
>> tabloid or a biography... the kind of stories that can only come from