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[Groop] [Fwd: Chakaal]

Here's probably the funniest email I've ever gotten that's groo-related.

I hope he doesn't mind me forwarding it to everybody! I guess it'd be
okay if I was asking everybody if they knew of anything like what he was
looking for.

I remember some little frame from somewhere where Sergio is looking
through his studio to find the old pages of some groo (which he decides
to just redraw) and looking through his files he mumbles "naughty pics
of Chakaak". So maybe Sjonkert has hope!

--- Begin Message ---
Hi there..
I have allways been a BIG fan of Sergio Aragones GROO..
I live in Norway, and bough some groo magazines when I was a kid, but they stopped selling them for some reason...
I especially liked the more erotic drawings of the female characters in the magazines :)
And this is why I am sending this mail.. I was wondering if there is a way to get pictures of those characters on the net..  I am especially interested in the dirty photos of Chakaal....
Hope to hear from you..

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