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Re: [Groop] Very, very OT, but worth it, I PROMISE!

At 22:20 29.03.00 -0500, you wrote:
Do you have friends who forward you EVERY SINGLE chain email in existence?
Well next time, respond with THIS!  (if you've received this already, ummm,
sorry!) -LS

Thanks Larry,

I have such friends... a lot of them... but that's probably because I ask them to send me chain letters. I collect. It's folklore, or more precisely CyberLore.

The letter that guy wrote was hilarious, and pretty much correct. I've often considered telling people who forward chain emails that they are jokes or even hoaxes... but it just doesn't feel right... Who am I to stop the dissemination of folklore, right?... well anyway, gotta stop before it becomes a rant...

oh... btw... the guy (or girl as the case may be) who wrote the letter compares chain emails with writing on the walls in public restrooms. He is absolutely correct, and it's just as interesting. I've spent a lot of time walking around public shitters reading the writing on the wall... is that weird?

Gotta bravely run away
The Knight Who Says Cheesedip

P.S. If anyone has any chain emails (or anything similar) they want to share with a dedicated student of CyberLore mail it to me privately.

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