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[Groop] WIZARD's "Funniest Moments"

    The latest issue of WIZARD (#104) included an article called "Comic 
Relief" that listed what the staff considered the funniest moments of all 
time in comic books. Now, one might think at least ONE of those would be from 
GROO. But was it? Nope. Was there anything at ALL on the list by Sergio 
Aragones, or Mark Evanier, or even Stan Sakai? Nada.

    To be sure, they're in good company. According to the WIZARD Staff, none 
of the funniest moments in comics was the work of Carl Barks, Don Rosa, 
Sheldon Mayer, John Stanley, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner, Basil Wolverton, 
Gardner Fox, John Broome, Jack Cole, or even Stan Lee or Jack Kirby. One 
would think even a list (like this one) heavily biased in favor of super-hero 
comics would include some work by at least the latter people above, rather 
than have multiple entries by Peter David, Keith Giffen, and especially Garth 
Ennis. (PREACHER and HITMAN seem to be their idea of humor comics, which 
explains a lot.)

    Then again, this IS the publication that decided that only ONE of the 25 
most memorable moments in comic books (Spider-Man's origin...but not 
Superman's or Batman's or even the Fantastic Four's) was published before 
1979, so what was I expecting, really?


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