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Re: [Groop] WIZARD's "Funniest Moments"

In a message dated 4/1/0 12:14:03 PM, RMorris306@aol.com writes:

>  The latest issue of WIZARD (#104) included an article called "Comic 
>Relief" that listed what the staff considered the funniest moments of all
>time in comic books.?Was there anything at ALL on the list by Sergio>
>Aragones, or Mark Evanier, or even Stan Sakai?
>?none  of the funniest moments in comics was the work of Carl Barks, Don 
>Sheldon Mayer, John Stanley, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner, Basil Wolverton,
>Gardner Fox, John Broome, Jack Cole, or even Stan Lee or Jack Kirby?

>?Then again, this IS the publication that decided that only ONE of the
>25  most memorable moments in comic books (Spider-Man's origin...but not 
>Superman's or Batman's or even the Fantastic Four's) was published before
>1979, so what was I expecting, really?

I continue to be shocked that anyone ever buys Wizard, let alone takes them 
seriously. I live right near their headquarters; they also run a comic book 
store nearby called WIZARD WORLD which is hands down one of the WORST stores 
I've ever been to. They are BIGTIME price gougers whose management shows no 
love or knowledge of comics. That they publish a price guide AND sell comics 
seems to me to be a conflict of interest.

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy, ranting away a Sunny Afternoon

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