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Re: [Groop] WIZARD's "Funniest Moments"

In a message dated 4/2/0 2:48:01 AM, ericchun@hotmail.com writes:

>Wizard's price guide lists much higher prices
>than the Overstreet price guide.  As a result,
>kids like Wizard 'cause it tells them their
>collection is worth more.

Which brings up a good point for all of you comic collectors out there. 

Do you realize that the published VALUE of ANYTHING, whether comic or coin or 
antique clock, is nothing more than the average price that RETAILERS are 
currently SELLING it to CONSUMERS. It IS NOT the value that you could EVER 
expect to sell YOUR books for.  

However, auctions like EBAY are changing things. This is really the first 
forum in which a fan looking to sell a comic book has ANY PRAYER of getting 
book value (IF the book is hot and IF someone bids high enough). Before ebay, 
you'd only get a tiny fraction of the value from retailers; otherwise, your 
only hope would be to pay a one or two hundred dollars to rent a table at a 
comic book show (more or less, depending on the venue) and THEN hope your pric
e and selection allow you to sell enough books to make it worthwhile. 


That's reason #112 why I call myself a READER and not a COLLECTOR. They make 
a great read but a lousy investment?

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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