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[Groop] heroes point of view

hi guys/grrls!

if you're going to wondercon and you're missing
epic groo issues 1-4 then you may want to stop
by Heroes' booth assuming they have a booth
'cause they had multiple copies of these for
sale at supercon last month at $1.00 each and
$0.50 if you purchase 25 or more comics but if
you're not going to wondercon then you can dis-
regard this message and if Heroes doesn't have
a booth or if they don't bring their sale stuff
then you can also disregard this message.

m.e. said at the end of his point of view article
last week that he ended carl barks' career *gasp*
say it isn't so but anyway i can't wait to read
about it in the next thrilling issue of the comic
buyer's guide.

see you.

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