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[Groop] OT: Lord of the Rings

I'm breathless!

I'm sure that many of us have read The Hobbit and/or The Lord of the Rings.

I do love the stories, though to me it gets kind of long and drawn out, it is a good read none-the-less.

Anyway, I knew that there was talk about a Lord of the Rings movie. I thought it be cheesy. There's now way way they can cram all of that into 2 or even 3 hours. I think I'm wrong:


There is a preview here. A trailer of sorts. It is costing over 180 million dollars. It looks incredible. If you have the bandwidth I suggest you download the biggest and best quality of the trailer. It will be a movie trilogy set for Christmas of 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Wow... is all I can say.

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