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Re: [Groop] OT: Lord of the Rings

In a message dated 4/8/0 12:37:25 AM, ericchun@hotmail.com writes:

>Chris wrote:
>I understand Michael Flatley will be Gandalf!
>Sorry... I should be slapped for that!

Okay guys, bear with me a bit, I'm not exactly ancient at 38, but am not 
really up on the latest Hollywood types. So perhaps one of you could kindly 
tell me...

WHO THE @#$%&! IS MICHAEL FLATLEY!!!???????????????

Ummm, sorry. Anyway, here's what I know about Lord Of The Rings casting off 
the top of my head. 

A couple of my comments talk about rumors that bother me, so be forewarned.

?Yes, Ian McKellan is Gandalf (He of RICHARD III) 
?Christopher Lee is Saruman (Christopher Lee!!!)
?Elijah Wood is Frodo, and will be digitally altered to become 2 feet tall 
(Ouch, that's gotta hurt) 
?John Rhys-Davies is Gimli (YES!!!) He's the bearded guy from RAIDERS OF THE 
LOST ARK and SLIDERS, and will also be digitally altered to Dwarf proportions.
?Ian Holme is Bilbo!!!!!!! If you've ever heard the BBC Radio Tapes of THE 
LORD OF THE RINGS, he played the ULTIMATE Frodo! He was also Napoleon in TIME 
?Sean Astin is Samwise Gamgee. I had to be told who he is, he's the guy who 
played in that football movie, RUDY.
?Ethan Hawke is Faramir. 
?Liv Tyler is Arwen. NOOOOOO, NOT HERRRRRRR!!! A bad rumor that I think has 
been confirmed is that she was unhappy with how little screen time Arwen 
actually gets, so they did a rewrite (gasp!) and Arwen is now the one to slay 
The Witch King of Angmar instead of Eowyn!!! SACRILEGE!!!
?Eowyn is Uma Thurman (I think) If the Arwen rumor is true, what a waste, 
because I could at least picture Uma Thurman slaying the Witch King!!!
three movies to tell the story in, surely they could include Tom Bombadil and 

The rest are actors whose names I forget because I really didn't know who 
they were; sorry!!!

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of The Rings

P.S. Are you still with me? Okay then, let's bring this puppy ON topic! Ian 
McKellan would make a GREAT Sage!  How about Christopher Lee as Grativo??? 

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