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RE: [Groop] OT: Lord of the Rings


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From: Selena Ulrich [mailto:selena.ulrich@dial.pipex.com]
(relurking until can get together money to buy Lint McCree)

--->Oh yeah.  Thanks for reminding me.  

Hey Nate, Thanks for the Lint McCree.  If I were called upon to give two
words about it they would be "fun" and "promising".  If any of y'all on the
list haven't got a copy of this book you are missing something I'm sure you
would enjoy and engaging in a disservice of another fashion.  Count me in
line for issue #2.  Since I'm sure you have started the story, I'll give you
the story idea for issue #3.  Lint, somehow and mysteriously meets up with
and gets fused with Groo.  Of course you would be changing the name of the
series to Lint McGroo Mysteries, but I'm sure Serg and M.E. won't mind. : )

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