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[Groop] Fwd: RE: [Groop] OT: Lord of the Rings

Hi guys/grrls!

Selina wrote:
Hey Nate, Thanks for the Lint McCree.  If I were called
upon to give two words about it they would be "fun" and
"promising".  If any of y'all on the list haven't got a
copy of this book you are missing something I'm sure you
would enjoy and engaging in a disservice of another

Hmm ... I agree. Y'all should purchase a copy. Plug! Plug! It doesn't cost much -- the same price as a standard comic book. Just skip your copy of Pokemon for a month. You know how it ends anyway ... (He catches them all.)

While yer at it, purchase the new cbg issue.  It says
how M.E. ended Carl Barks comic book career.  (Actually,
Barks came out of retirement during the Gladstone era
and wrote a few more junior woodchuk stories, which Daan
Jippes drew.  Barks last story was in 1994, called
"Horsing Around With History," which William Van Horn
drew.  When Barks first started comic books, supposedly
he called Martin Nodell (I think), who created Green
Lantern, and asked him how to
write comic books.  Remember, this was around 1940 or
1941 -- there weren't many comic books before that!

See you.

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