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[Groop] Groo lunchbox (please read M.E.)

Hi everyone,

Considering how many questions we've been getting about the 
lunchbox since it was announced, and then every single time a 
new issue of Groo comes out and people join the list, do you guys 
think it would be a good idea to have a lunchbox page?

I've been planning to scan mine in to give a friend a good look at it, 
it would be no trouble at all to scan the postcard as well and then 
make pages for them, for all non-owning Groopies to look at.

Mark, would that be okay with you and Sergio? I'd only do it with 
your permission of course. And would throw copyright notices 
and links to you and to Dark Horse and places to buy the lunchbox 
all over the place.

:] Lia

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