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RE: [Groop] Re: Stuff from M.E., etc.

GARY!  Thanks for the info on the card exchange, unfortunately I've
gotta admit.......I don't have ANY Groo cards at all!  I'm new to all
this cool stuff.   As for Groo being a great goalie I would have to
agree!  Letting only 1/2 the puck could make for some interesting scores
indeed.  Though he'd be a little dangerous with his swords in those
scrums on the ice............5 mins

Have a good weekend everyone!  TRICIA (Goalielover)
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> From: 	Gary Grossmann[SMTP:grossfam@olywa.net]
> Sent: 	14-Apr-2000 00:47
> To: 	groop@groo.com
> Subject: 	[Groop] Re: Stuff from M.E., etc.
> Hi Folks!
> Man, has it been quiet!  And I thought only I had slowed down my
> posts.
> Goalie Lover:  If you have an almost-completed set of Groo cards, you
> send
> in a request for the ones you need to Mark with a SASE and all of your
> extra
> cards (esp. #1, #19 &#20) and he will send them to you (unless you
> need #1,
> #19, or #20-maybe)  You need to start reading the Dark Horse Groos so
> you
> know about this stuff!  (btw, I think Groo would have made a great
> goalie.
> His hand-eye coordination is unmatched and he is already so ugly, the
> fact
> that he would be too stupid to wear a mask wouldn't really affect
> anything.
> Of course, he might have had trouble with the swords replacing the
> gloves,
> and cutting the pucks in half as they flew by might not keep them from
> going
> into the net.  Hey!  Maybe sometimes only half the puck would go into
> the
> net and you would have scores of 2 to 1.5!)
> Nate:  Tell the Sabertooth guy you are booked up because you promised
> your
> buddy George (Lucas) that you'd keep all you dates open for him.
> GrooFest People:  Only a couple of you let me know how things are
> going with
> your arrangements to attend the San Diego Con, so I am totally in the
> dark
> as far as where most of you are with that.  Ditto on whether you want
> of
> Groop t-shirt or hat or button that would have "Groop" on it, but
> nothing
> "Groo" (e.g. Artwork, Logo) (per previous posts that refer to Mark's
> post
> about the mousepads being a one-time thing)  [Mark, I assume putting
> the
> word "Groop" on something is OK?]   If we do that, we can make enough
> up for
> anyone in the Groop who wants one, not just San Diego Con/GrooFest
> attendees.
> Non-GrooFest people: Kevin has set up a separate GrooFest 2000 mailing
> list
> so we wouldn't clutter up the regular list with stuff about something
> only a
> relative handful of people were going to do.  But volumn is down so
> low,
> what the heck?  Besides, maybe some newbies who didn't know about it
> will
> want to come.
> And, hey!  Billy Forsko!  Did you get on the list?  Anyone who can get
> all
> 21 questions right the first time belongs on this list!!!!  (They also
> belong in a straight jacket, and a rubber room right in between mine
> and
> Ruben's!)
> And boy oh boy, I can hardly wait 'till I can get my Groo Bookends.
> They
> will be perfect for keeping various Groo things from falling off
> shelves.
> And I can dust it with my Groo dish towel*, which I will also stuff in
> my
> mouth so i don't give away the ending after I have read the end of
> Groo
> "Mightier Than the Sword"   Mark telling us it is a surprise ending
> has me
> on pins and needles, since this has been one of my favorite stories as
> it
> is!!!!!!!!  Ack!!  I'm hyperventlating!!!  Where's that papper bag???
> Take care all -Gary G.
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> From: "Mark Evanier" <me@evanier.com>
> To: <groop@groo.com>
> Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 1:09 AM
> Subject: [Groop] Stuff from M.E.
> > A few quick notes...
> >
> > 1. We will be setting up some sort of invitational meeting or party
> > for the Groop at this year's ComicCon International in San Diego,
> most
> > likely on Thursday.  Details to come.  (This will probably be the
> only
> > convention I'll be doing all year.)
> >
> > 2. I'm still filling orders for the Great Groo Trading Card Exchange
> > but may be stopping soon.  So if you have cards, send 'em in and if
> > you want cards, send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  I am in
> > special need of card #1 (the Groo card), #19 (Sergio) and #20 (me).
> >
> > 3. The last issue of GROO: MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD will be out next
> > week, I think.  There is a surprise in the ending -- at least, I
> think
> > it's a surprise -- and, by the power vested in me, I hereby forbid
> > anyone who reads the book to mention that surprise on this list for
> at
> > least two weeks following the book's release.  Please do not ruin it
> > for others.
> >
> > At the same time, it might be a good idea to get your copy promptly
> so
> > you can read it before anyone blurts it out.  And don't peek ahead
> in
> > the story.  Start with page one and read from there.
> >
> > 4. Before Christmas, you'll be able to buy yourself a set of Groo
> > bookends.  Sergio is completing the sculpture and I think it's the
> > best item we've ever put out.  Don't know yet about the price.
> >
> > I think that's about it.
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