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Re: [Groop] Groo Thermos

In a message dated 4/14/0 2:19:42 PM, rmbeck@ibm.net writes:

>Why don't we take a regular thermos and print a wrapper for it?  Would
>that be okay with Mark and Sergio?

Ummm, I kind of thought this whole thermos thing was another running joke. 
However, if you want a Groo thermos wrapper, just follow these easy steps:

1. Get a Thermos®
2. Get an issue of Groo comics
3. Get a pair of scissors and some adhesive substance, such as glue, Scotch® 
tape or cheese dip
4. Go nuts!

(Oh I can hear Gary's wincing from here with every snip of those shears!!!)

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of Thermoses

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