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[Groop] Re: groo siting?

Ack!  Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!

"one of the Marvel mags"????  Which one?  How does that work, anyway?  Is
there a different bullpen bulletin in each mag or is the same one in every
issue that month?  It has been my experience that NONE of the Marvel preview
mags have ever had an original Groo sighting.  Any art work is always pulled
off of panel.  That's probably the case here, but I need to check it out.

Take care - Gary G.

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Subject: groo siting?

> Saw a quick sketch of Groo & Rufferto in the Jun '88 bullpen bulletins
> of one of the Marvel mags. It's signed Sergio, but I don't know if it's
> orig. or reprinted from somewhere else...
> Pic of Rufferto in a Santa's hat with a New Year's party favor & Groo
> looking surprised/startled/confused?
> Kevin

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