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RE: [Groop] Hello?(OT)-Howyadoin'(BackOT)

Sure its slow.  #4 came out.  And what a surprise ending.  Can you believe
it?  I knew this story would somehow end up in the first appearance of
Groosagi.  Thanks guys. (see post script)

Speaking of #4, I was at the store picking it up, kind late, a few people in
the store.  Two of us in suits.  He with his short box of pulls and assorted
goodies (he apparently comes in on a monthly or so basis) and me with my
pile, both being handed to us at about the same time.  As we flip through
our allotments, I come upon #4.  As always, I react, "GROO" (spoken deeply,
with a sustained "OO").  The other suit, across the ways, perks his ears up,
his eyes begin to glisten and twinkle, and he speaks, "Groo" in agreement.
At this point the owner chimes in, "Y'know, you two guys are the only two
who I pull for at this store.  A Doctor and a Lawyer.  I wouldn't have
thought it.  That says something."  Just thought I'd share.  By the way, if
anyone is keeping stats or anything, apparently the two suits of the above
story comprise 50% of the regular attorneys/medical doctors customers of the

Lint is your first foray, right?  Keep plugging, 'cuz I'm look forward to

Congrats on the mag dealio.  That's cool. 

There are other holidays being celebrated this weekend.  Have a good one,
whichever or whatever.


p.s. I can't wait to read #4 to find out what the surprise ending is.
Please take no offense at my above joke, and do not view that first
paragraph as an invitation or suggestion to discuss the surprise ending
prior to the two(?)week moratorium on surprise ending discussion in any way.

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Jeez the groop is slow.... am I even on it any more?  

Well, things are quiet, so I'll share my wonderful news... 

~ I did my first in-store signing to promote LINT McCREE #1 last weekend.
Things were slow, but hey, no ones knows who I am anyway.... but I had fun.
 You can see 2 pics here:



~The T-shirts I designed for Blambot arrived today!   You get 2 free fonts
with it that are exclusive to this promotion.  Just 12 bucks +s/h.  check
em out:  http://www.piekosarts.com/blambotfonts  just click on "BB Shirt"
in the nav frame.

~I've also been asked by COREL magazine to write an article for an issue
this summer!  I'm totally psyched!  Since I use Corel software exclusively,
they thought it might be cool to run a one or 2 part piece on how a comic
is computer edited from scan to final output with their software.  Turns
out their chief editor is a big comics fan too!    They even offered to let
me do the cover of the mag!  It's a weird feeling to have been reading that
magazine for years, and pretty soon, I'll get one in the mail that I'm in!

Just thought I'd share the good news.  How's everyone else doing?  Well I

Have a good holiday weekend for those of you who celebrate Easter.... for
everyone else, have a good weekend like any other! (I'm cooking for a small
group of family, mmm, turkey!)

~Nate Piekos
Piekos Arts ~ http://www.piekosarts.com
AKF Comics ~ http://www.piekosarts.com/akfcomics
Blambot Fonts! ~ http://www.piekosarts.com/blambotfonts

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Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com