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Re: [Groop] #4 is Out!!!

Gary Grossmann wrote:

>  Hi Folks!

>  The fourth & final installment of "Mightier Than
the >Sword" is on the racks. Of course, this message
>contains no spoilers and wouldn't even without
>  Mark's admonition.  I WILL say that it was a great
>conclusion to a great mini-series!!!  Whoo hoo!!!

>  So buy, buy, buy!!!   Send them to friends.  Send
>them to enemies.  Save them and send them as
Christmas >presents to relatives whom you want to
leave you alone >and who never send you anything good
anyway!!!  I'm >sending a set to Malaysia and Brazil.

Hey, that's for me,  Thanks Gary.  Anyway I don't care
if somebody tell me the story now as it will make me
eager to read it as soon as possible more.  Please ,
please tell what's  the ending.... 

Malaysian ambassador to Groop

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