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RE: [Groop] Edward Gorey passes away (OT)

He also did many of the illustrations in John Bellairs books.  It was one of
the attractions of the set for me even though they are set for "young
readers" (sort of Goosebumps/gothic tales).  Did he not also start the comic
strip that was the basis for Adams Family, or am I thinking of someone else?

On-topic, I just got #4, but haven't read it yet (that's the suprise for

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I was deeply saddened to learn of the death this month of one of the
greatest illustrators of our time.  Edward Gorey died of a heart attack on
the 15th.  He was 75.  Most famous for his work on PBS's MYSTERY! (you know
that awesome creepy cartoon at the beginning of the show?) but he also
authored quite a collection of very strange books such as my favorite, THE
GASHLEYCRUMB TINIES.  (a "children's book" where each of 26 unfortunate
waifs are slain... all in rhyme! -- A is for Amy who fell down the stairs,
B is for Basil, assaulted by bears...")

Edward Gorey lived in Cape Cod Massachusetts, not so far away from me, and
I always planned to meet him some day and thank him for his contributions.
I won't ever get that chance now.

I've lost one of my heroes.

Please follow the link below to a fan maintained Gorey site.  if you're not
familiar with Gorey's work, as a favor to me, and at least check out his
work by clicking on the "Uncommon Gorey Gallery"  Thanks.


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