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[Groop] Re: RE: [Groop] Edward Gorey passes away (OT)

In a message dated 4/23/00 9:40:33 PM, azamin7@yahoo.com writes:

Yea, and that song even spread worldwide with
different title with different character name.  Even
in Malaysia,  there was a similar song where 10
character were slain from #10 to number 2 and the last
one just quit as he doesn't has any friends left to
play with. >>

    Well, the original song long predated Gorey. Its original title contained 
a racial slur no longer acceptable in polite company, "Ten Little N----- 
Boys," and was the basis for a brilliant Agatha Christie novel originally 
called "Ten Little N-----s." Needless to say, the novel, and the play made 
from it, was later retitled, first as "Ten Little Indians" (a title taken 
from a related American counting song, though even THAT may no longer be 
politically correct) and then, from the last line, as "And Then There Were 
None." (To the best of my recollection, all the characters in the novel, 
despite its original title(s), were white.) (SESAME STREET included a version 
called "Ten Little Greeblies," little creatures who didn't belong to any real 
racial minority...)


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