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[Groop] Reflecting...

I've got the flu, and as I was laying in bed this morning (at about 3am)
wide awake, shivering and in a cold sweat, I got to thinking...

I was thinking that the giant chicken who keeps asking me what I thought of
the Kennedy presidency was a bit odd..... but besides that, I thought of

We all know Groo Grams was and is an important part of the comic as a
whole.  It's something we've read and followed throughout the run of the
comic, and to me it was a sequential, entertaining journal of us -- Groo
fans.  We followed the running gags, the re-occuring names etc.  It was a
common bond for the readers.  An indespensible warm and fuzzy place we
could go when we finished that issue where friendly faces awaited us.

And now, it strikes me that the majority of the letters in Groo Grams are
from people on the Groo list... as if somewhere along the line, we've been
passed a torch to uphold the quality content of Groo Grams.  

And that makes me happy.  

That, and the half bottle of NyQuil in my system. 

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