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Re: [Groop] Hi

> Now you must excuse me, as sole survivor of the fray, I go now to
> take possession of all of Gary Grossman's Groo-related paraphernalia . . .
> finn


Ian!  Finn is lying!!  Don't believe her!!!   And Finn, you stay away from
my Groo collection!!! Or I'll...I'll...I'll bang you over the head with my
GROO Street sign!  Yeah, that's what I'll do!

(Hmmm.  I better put my Groo collection in my car with the GROO license
plates and drive away and hide so Finn can't find me.  I'll pack food in my
GROO lunch box so I won't get hungry.  And I'll put on my GROO T-shirts and
GROO hat and jacket so I don't get cold.  And I'll wait for a long time so
Finn will go away and while I'm waiting, I'll re-read all my GROO comics,
including all the one's in different languages, even though I can't read any
other languages!  Ha!  Yeah, that's what I'll do alright!)

Paranoidally yours -Gary G.

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