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[Groop] Am I dead?

Hi everyone,

Finn, because I'm part of this list now, does that make me dead?  I'm
really confused.  How can I be typing if I am dead.  Maybe I'm not
typing and I only think I am.

How can I think if I am dead?  I perhaps I shouldn't jump to conclusions
about being dead...it's the other ppl who are dead.  Very clever ppl who
have programmed their computers to mimic them and send off emails from
beyond the grave.

I know they are just computer programs making the posts because, as we
all know, ppl are perfect and computers aren't.  See...I saw a post with
my name spelled 'Ian' rather than 'Iain'.  This is proof that a computer
did it.

Now if only I could figure out if I am alive...


ps - this is actually iain's computer

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