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[Groop] Things to do in Grooville when you´re semi-alive

1. Have your coffin lined with Mulch (do you want that 2 bucks cash or
check mark?)
2. Share some rancid cheese dip with the local zombies.
3. Read Groo.
4. Read Boogeyman and discuss its various areas of accuracy in matters
of unlife.
5. Stop reading this e-mail
6. Don´t stop reading this e-mail.
7. Point out to Joe that his e-mails aren´t as funny as he thinks hey
8. Slay the rest of the towns´´inhabitants, thereby making them less
than semi-alive and putting you on top.
9. Read Groo some more. Then throw up all the mulch (ok, ME-4 bucks omn
the way...) you just ate, thinking it was cheese dip.
10. Go round saying "Did I err?" to all the undead chicks, hoping they
will sympathise and prove to you that you´re not as dead as you used to
think you were.....


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