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Re: [Groop] Hi

is there something going on here i should know about?

From: SheikOfEntropy@aol.com
To: groop@groo.com
Subject: Re: [Groop] Hi
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 23:58:50 EDT

Welcome Ian, and welcome Chris AKA Glorko, too! (I mean the Late Chris
Schechner, AKA the Late King Glorko)

And thanks Finn!!! I didn't realize that I was dead, as is everyone in the
Groop except for you. Tsk, quite a shame really, but what can I do about it,
I AM dead, after all.

Now, about the whining of the Late Gary Grossmann. Be fair, Late Gary, you
know you can't take it with you, because the coffin will be waaay too small.
It's only fair that Finn and Ian share the wealth.

Now, here are the Top Ten effects of the Death of Groop:

10: GROOGRAMS reduced to topical discussion of the merits of the series.
9: The body of a Brazilian master spy and legendary cryptographer found
smothered in cheesedip.
8. Mulch sales plummet.
7. Mark Evanier FINALLY able to catch up on his back email.
6. Issue #1 of THE WHOLE ENCHILADA signed by the late Nate Piekos fetch
$23,000 at Christie's Auction
5. Finn Smith arrested in Washington State, found rooting about in roofless
4. The Groo Chatless Chatroom is silent (no change, really?)
3. Groo back issue prices reach record low, OVERSTREET & WIZARD guides drop
rating of early Groo issues as low as 3¢ each, starting the Great Groo
2. GROOPADS start showing up on ebay.
1. The Late Josh Jones actually posts a message, from beyond the grave.

The Late Larry Steller, AKA The Late Sheik of Entropy

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