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Re: [Groop] Hi

In a message dated 4/29/0 12:30:50 AM, nosmallwater@hotmail.com writes:

>is there something going on here i should know about?

So Larry Says:

More than you could possibly want to know!!! READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

I mean, do I dare even BEGIN to explain the years worth of inside jokes?

>>Welcome Ian, and welcome Chris AKA Glorko, too! (I mean the Late Chris
>>Schechner, AKA the Late King Glorko)

Well, what can I say to this one, other than that it was revealed a long time 
ago that Chris is the king-in-exile of the planet Zoltran ? ya know, we don't 
make any more sense than this?

>>Now, about the whining of the Late Gary Grossmann. Be fair, Late Gary,
>>you know you can't take it with you, because the coffin will be waaay too
>>small. It's only fair that Finn and Ian share the wealth.

I'm not sure how much you know about the various members of the Groop, but 
all you really need to know is that Gary just MIGHT have more Groo stuff than 
even Mark Evanier, his goal seems to be to own more Groo stuff than has ever 
been produced.

>>9: The body of a Brazilian master spy and legendary cryptographer found
>>smothered in cheesedip.

This a was a reference to our Brazilian Groopers who either post in 
Portuguese or in confusing semi-English

>>7. Mark Evanier FINALLY able to catch up on his back email.

You see, as prolific as Mark is, I'm pretty shocked that he has time to read 
GROOP mail AT ALL in addition to whatever personal & professional 
correspondences he deals with. And yet he always responds promptly to our 

>>6. Issue #1 of THE WHOLE ENCHILADA signed by the late Nate Piekos fetch
>>$23,000 at Christie's Auction

This refers to Grooper Nate Piekos' first hilarious effort at self-publishing 
a comic book. 

>>5. Finn Smith arrested in Washington State, found rooting about in roofless

The shed in question was built by Gary Grossmann, and as far as I know it 
still has no roof. We keep joking that when finished he'll store his Groo 
Stuff in the shed, but will undoubtedly need to build a second shed?

And of course, it was Finn who started all of this nonsense by revealing that 
she and Iain are the only surviving Groopers. 

>>4. The Groo Chatless Chatroom is silent (no change, really?)

You ever visit Josh's Groo chat room? Well, you ever visit it AND find 
someone else actually in the chatroom too? I thought not!

>>2. GROOPADS start showing up on ebay.

These were the first and almost certainly the last products made just for 
members of the Groop with Mark and Sergio's blessing. Anyone whom we catch 
selling one on ebay will find themselves chest-deep in mulch!!!

>>1. The Late Josh Jones actually posts a message, from beyond the grave.

Have you ever heard of a ringleader who shuns the spotlight. Well, that's 
Josh. If we hear from him once every six months, he's being talkative!!!

I expect that my explanations will prompt more questions than they've 
answered. God, I HOPE so!!!

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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