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[Groop] How long does it take, anyway....

....To do a trade paperback?  I missed discovering Groo until a year or
two ago, and now everything I could have gotten is gone.  I have a few of
the back issues, three of the Image ones, and three of the Epic
TPBs.  But since all those issues are done with, what does it take to put
them into paperback form?  Yeah, yeah, I know I don't know anything.  But
still, it seems to me that all it should take is a cover (which would take
Sergio three seconds to draw).  Color it, letter the title and add one of
the famous Mark epilogues, stick four issues inside and voila! (literally,
"cheese dip") you have a Groo trade paperback.  (Save that they'd fall
apart, so you'd have to add glue and so on first).  Hell, you could flood
the market with them.  How come Mark and Sergio don't do that?  
	And when is the next one coming out?
	And which ones are still in print?
	And how come they don't make a Groo action figure, along the same
lines as the Usagi figure from Antarctic Toys?  With a little toy Rufferto
to go with him?
	And how come they don't write a Groo story EVERY month?
	And how come there isn't a "Groo" brand of cheese dip?
	Or a "Groo" brand of mulch?
	And how come....


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