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[Groop] Questions/Comments

Hi peeps,

I read that Dungeons and Dragons the cartoon is on again.  I'm kinda
stoked, I enjoyed it when I still looked like a kid, but usually slept
through it.  What time is it on?  It's Saturday's, right?

Here is my comment...is it just me, or does Groo seem kind of
uninspired?  Mebbe I'm just getting old, but I recall Groo being really
light-hearted, a celebration you could say.  The letters pages were
awesome..now they are usually a disappointment.  

I can't really put my finger on it, but something has definitely
changed...maybe it's that all the old secondary characters have been
gone for a while...

I'm sitting here, wracking my brain, and something just popped up. 
There was a very political stretch.  Every issue seemed to have some
educational, politcally correct, social commentary.  Whether it be guns,
lawyers or NAFTA.  And before that, there was a looooong stretch where
every issue seemed to lead into the next.

I realize that it is just 4 issue stories now, and this is for $$$
reasons.  One thing about these 4 issue stories that struck me is that
they didn't really need to be that long.  I did love the drug storyline. 

I'd been wanting to write to ME about that for a while...but he once
wrote, or mebbe twice, in the letters page not to send ideas because
then it makes them feel like it's theft or something..so I never did.

Mebbe I'm just being silly.  =D  I am serious about the one thing:

Does anyone else feel the quality has dropped?

Thanks for yer time,


ps - Mark...this really isn't meant as a personal attack, and I hope you
don't take it that way.  I still look forward to Groo more than anythign
else...I prolly wouldn't collect any comix if it weren't for Groo..I
have to keep abreast of it coming again...and thank you for putting
another series out this year

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