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[Groop] Groo sales

Did everyone read what ME had to say about how bad comic sales are?  Here's
something I've been doing to help spread the word about another comic that I
love, and something that everyone on this groop can do for Groo.  Buy two
copies.  I'm not asking anyone to save the world, or break their bank
account, just buy two copies, and give the second one to someone who doesn't
read Groo, either a comics fan who doesn't read it now, or just some kid
that could use a lift. Or give it back to your retailer and ask them to give
it to somebody that might like it.  They might know better than you. I don't
think there is anything that any individual comics fan can do to save the
comic industry, but we can save the book that we love.  I know y'all are
loyal enough to spend the extra money, and the procedure can have a nice
rippling effect.
Rick Beckley

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