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[Groop] Extras Groo Comics for Sale

Hi Groop,
First off. I apologize if this bothers anyone about me trying to sell my extra Groo comics through the Groop.
This is on a first come basis. I have over 200 Groo extra comics. I don't have a complete run of the issues. The "??" means I'm not sure of the last issue I have in the run.
Here are the prices by publishing:
Pacific:  $5.00 each (very few)
Marvel/Epic:  #s 1-5 $2.00 each   #s 6-??  $1.50
Image:   $1.50 each (very few)
Dark Horse:  $2.00 (very few)
I'll do the best I can complete any list that is e-mailed to me.
Thank You,
a.k.a. Rat ~,'`;>