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Re: [Groop] Am I dead?

Hmm.... you might want to look yourself in the mirror and give youself a
couple of slaps in the face just to be sure. If your skin is remotely
human-colored and you feel some pain the you should be somewhere in the
realm of life.  Most likely, your computer likes sending out e-mails so
much on your behalf that it has TRICKED you into believing you´re dead.
Don´t you stand for that...oh no!  Go ahead and bash its disk drive with a
rock or something, just to teach it a lesson!

Swede Grooper Dude

Iain Bryan wrote:

> ..
> How can I think if I am dead?  I perhaps I shouldn't jump to conclusions
> about being dead...it's the other ppl who are dead.  Very clever ppl who
> have programmed their computers to mimic them and send off emails from
> beyond the grave.

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