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Re: [Groop] Cartoon Con

Groo wouldn't filibuster -- he doesn't like talking, he'd rather kill the
opposition (presuming they let him take his blades on the Hill).

Y'know, I haven't read the "Groo gets elected" storyline from Marvel
yet.  I've cleaned out the local stores' supply of Groo merchandise.  Hey
Mark, why does it take so long to put those four-issue books out?  You're
doing what, two a year?  This'll take forever.  <looks disappointed>  Oh
well, they say wishing is better than having.

Jennifer Burdoo

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Gary Grossmann wrote:

> I shudder to think what would happen during a Groo fillabuster!!!  -Gary G.  
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>   Congress comprised of cartoons?  It'd be an improvement, no?  
>   I can see it now:  Speaker Bunny recognizes the distinguished gentleman from The State of Dark Horse, Congressman Groo to speak on the cheese-mulch bill....
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>     Congress of Cartoons
>     Aug/19-Aug/31/200
>     PQ. Com. Antonio Carbonari
>     Jundiaí -SP-BRA

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